Grand Old Duke

Grand Old Duke
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Monday, 8 August 2011

Grand Duchy of Glevum sits on the Fence

At the recent Battle of High Trees, Mercenaries from the Grand Duchy plied their trade on both sides of the lines.  Afterwards their commanders made it clear that sitting on the fence had been the more painful of the options for some of their men.

Following the battle those men who fought for the Freedonians had clearly been decimated by Silvanian fire in their efforts to close with the enemy, and had clearly been sacrificed by the Freedonian General who kept his own troops out of range for as long as possible.

Nevertheless the Gleveumneumnum Mercenaries had more than proved their bravery and shown the world their nerves of steel and willingness to drive home their advances against all odds.  Afterwards both mercenary units met in the main saloon in High Trees and repeated tales of derring do long into the night.

Much to the chagrin of the Silvanian commanders the saloon was sporting a new Grand Duchy flag the following morning, and his efforts to get the Mercenaries to leave were met with jeers and cat calls from the upper windows. 

No Silvanian or even Freedonian Flags were noted in the vicinity and the Saloon has been renamed the Duke of Glevum Snug.

High Trees.  In the centre can be seen the saloon where the Glevumite Mercenaries reunited after the Battle. This picture was taken before the Glevum Standard was raised over the roof.

First of Foot, Glevum Mercenaries being eyeballed by a Silvanian spy intent on recruiting these rock steady infantry.

Second of Foot and First of Horse preparing to join the Freedonians before the Battle of High Trees.  The sacrifices of these two units turned the tide and the Silvanian right flank underming the morale of the Silvanian commander and forcing him to negotiations.  Survivors of these units are being referred to as High Trees Drifters.

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  1. The President of Freedonia would like to thank the Grand Duchy for all its help. The cheque is in the!