Grand Old Duke

Grand Old Duke
The Duke Captured by Dutch Master

Monday, 8 August 2011

No more waiting for GODOT

The Grand Old Duke of Glevum has decided to give up waiting for the Grand Old Duke of Twinklebury to die and thus allow the former to inherit all of his lands.  Instead our Glorious Leader has chosen to send expeditionary and mercenary forces far and wide to seek new lands and new opportunities for soldiers and settlers alike.

The Flag Factories and Forges have been churning out Banners and Weapons since the announcement was made, and ticket prices for overseas travel on the Great Liners have gone through the roof.

This is the start of a Glorious New Age for the Grand Duchy of Glevum and our flag will be seen around the globe.  The Grand Old Duke made it clear in his State of the Duchy speech that "Wherever a Glevumneum stands a Flag will stand marking his Place in the Sun".