Grand Old Duke

Grand Old Duke
The Duke Captured by Dutch Master

Monday, 8 August 2011

Trouble at Mill?

The Grand Old Duke announced today that he would be asking General Custard (and his trusty bugeleer Rhubarb) to discuss sending several units of Glevumneumites with the Freedonian Expeditionary Force heading into the Crimson Empire. 

"This is a far away place of which we know nothing, or at least very little" said the Grand Old Duke.  "But that has never stopped our ancestors from interfe ... er ... standing up for the rights of the common man".  "

He went on to say "We don't yet have a Legation in the Crimson Empire, but in the face of naked aggression we feel like we share a common Legacy with the peoples of Freedonia". 

According to inside sources General Custard (and his trusty bugeleer Rhubarb) has been given two large crates full of Duchy Flags, to ensure that no one forgets the participation of the Gevumnums in this Glorious Crusade - assuming it happens and is Glorious.  A spokesman for the Grand Old Duke suggested that he had had his eye on a few nice looking properties he saw in the etchings just behind the Freedonian Legation and that several flags had been earmarked for that location as a place from which to best celebrate any Glory.

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